Wedding Venues

Counting The Cost
Wedding venues are one of the most expensive costs of a wedding day so getting the best value for money is important. Needless to say you won’t want to skimp on the necessities, but a bit of careful planning can go a long way in being able to reduce the cost.

Popular Wedding Venues
Having the reception at a hotel that is very popular for wedding receptions, has the merit of knowing that if it is popular, it is probably very good. On the other hand, with high demand usually comes higher prices so it is good to get as many quotes as possible.

The Wedding Day

Saturday has traditionally been the day to get married, but it is becoming more popular to get married on other days too. This of course has the advantage of being off-peak and likely to be less expensive. People who provide wedding services such as wedding music and musicians are also more likely to be available on less popular days of the week.

Investigate their bar/restaurant food first and also the friendliness of the staff. You may also wish to check the bar prices and the cost per bottle of wine etc. Sometimes a wedding venue that sounds good value for money may put higher prices on other items such as the drink.

The Best Value for Money Option
The way people who had very little money used to do the reception, was to get members of the family to supply the food and hire a local hall. Another less expensive option is to book a pub or restaurant to provide the wedding meal. If other customers are able to eat too, this may not cost anything apart from the cost of the food!

All Inclusive Packages may be Less Expensive
In hotels where wedding receptions are frequently held, wedding packages may be available.
If you consider all the services that are available for a wedding day, a package deal may give a significant saving. This may also include discounts for overnight accomodation for family and close friends to stay.

It is great to be able to spend lots of money on a wedding venue and have the best of everything, but remember that this is just day one!

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