Wedding Musicians

It is a great idea to book wedding musicians for your ceremony as it takes a lot of the pressure from you when you can rely on someone who is experienced at playing music at weddings.

Wedding musicians can guide you through the process of choosing the right wedding pieces of music to suit your wedding. This is a good idea especially if it is a civil ceremony as the rules are more relaxed than music for a Church wedding.

Wedding musicians can then tailor your choices of music perfectly to fit in with your theme, artists, era, style and timing of certain sections of the ceremony itself.

How Do I Book My Wedding Musicians?
The best way to book your wedding musicians is always first by word of mouth. Someone you may know may know of a couple who booked some wedding musicians who they were pleased with. Maybe they have some photos or some wedding video to show you which may help you? If someone can recommend any wedding musicians it is usually for all the right reasons. This is how many wedding musicians get their work to play for Church or civil ceremonies.

If you don’t know of anyone who has booked any wedding musicians, then you can search on the internet. When doing this, it is best to search for something like ‘wedding musicians for civil ceremonies’ or ‘live music for civil ceremonies’.

Another excellent way to narrow the field down a bit would be to put in ‘wedding musicians’ followed by the type of instruments you might like to hear for example – ‘wedding musicians flute and guitar duo’. Doing this will take you to many of the wedding musicians websites directly as well as agencies.

It is always better to contact the wedding musicians yourself rather than through an agency as you can cut out the middle man which will save you a lot of money as well as disusing directly your chosen wedding music with the musicians. With an agency there will always be a delay in response as everything has to pass through the agency first!

What Should I ask First?
Firstly email them to say who you are and why you are interested in booking the wedding musicians. Tell them your wedding date including the year (many musicians get booked up a year or more in advance), confirm your times, venues, if there is a change between venues (ceremony at one place and the drinks reception or wedding breakfast at another venue).

It is good to say where you found their contact information (they may offer you a discount if you came through a certain source). Don’t forget to leave your name and contact details so they can email you back with a response and a quote.

If you are happy with the quote they give you, then you can proceed to go ahead and book them. This will usually involve them sending you an agreement form or written contract so both you and the musicians can put down in writing your details of the event.

Once both of you agree and  both forms have been signed by the musicians and you , then a deposit is taken with one of the forms returned to the musicians while you keep the other copy. Keep a good communication going while discussing your music which can be all done via email or telephone.

If you would like any special requests that are not in the musicians repertoire, ask if it was suited to their instruments could they play it? It is always best to ask this well in advance which will allow the musicians plenty of time to write out the music suited to the key of their instruments and give them time to practise it and to get familiar with your specially chosen music.

A week or two before the wedding day, you can email or ring the musicians just to confirm everything is running smoothly or there are any little changes that need to be noted.

All in all booking wedding musicians for your ceremony will definitely take the pressure off you once all the music has been chosen, so you can concentrate on the rest of your wedding plans leading up to your special exciting day!

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