Tips To Remember When Booking Wedding Musicians For Your Ceremony.

Now you have decided to book your wedding musicians for your ceremony, there are a few key things to remember.

  • Are your musicians flexible for timings (i.e. if things run over time, do they have another wedding to attend to on the same day as yours?)
  • How many musicians are in the group will determine the price!
  • Are they a soloist? If so will the volume be enough for everyone to hear?
  • Or have you booked a duo, trio, quartet? The more musicians – the bigger the fee!
  • Are your musicians paid by the hour, or do they quote a fixed fee? Wedding Bouquet
  • Are the musicians portable with their instruments? Can they move between the ceremony room, a drinks reception outside or the wedding breakfast inside? (This is almost impractical for a harpist!)
  • Will your wedding musicians agree to play one or two pieces of your chosen request that is not in their repertoire?
  • If you’re booking them to play for your wedding breakfast, can they fit into a small corner of the room without being in the way of the catering team who will be busy serving the food and drinks?
  • Will your wedding musicians have experience and knowledge to advise you regarding your music (i.e. no music with any religious connotations is allowed during a civil ceremony, this is for Church ceremonies only).
  • Will you be booking the musicians to play solely for your wedding ceremony, or ceremony and drinks receptions or to include the wedding breakfast too? (It is customary to provide some light refreshments i.e. drinks/sandwiches if your having the musicians play for most of your day and especially your wedding breakfast. Some wedding musicians may have traveled a distance to play for you.
  • Do your wedding musicians have a website so your can check their credentials, experience, videos or sound clips and repertoire?

Once you have booked the musicians for your wedding ceremony, then you can know that’s another item done on your checklist, enabling you and your partner to move towards a happy wedding day!

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