Live Music or CD Music

The ceremony room is set…

You’re wedding guests have arrived and have taken their seats…

The music starts playing to set the atmosphere and relax your family, relations and friends…

Now you hear the music for the entrance of the bride – that’s YOU!

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What music have you chosen?

Are you happy with live music of your choice being played by experienced wedding musicians or are you trusting someone to press the right button at the most crucial time for your bridal entrance?

Which would you be more confident to have – live music by experienced wedding musicians or CD music? The decision is yours! Remember you usually only get married once, so whether it’s a big wedding in a Church, modern hotel or castle or just a small informal wedding in a stately home or registrar office, make you special day stand out for all the right reasons.

Sadly many things can go wrong by playing CD music…

The machine can be temperamental, the wrong CD track can be played. Trusting someone to press the right buttons at the right moment during your service knowing they can be as anxious as you – it makes things more stressful for you and them!

On a brighter and more confident note, having live music played during your wedding ceremony takes the pressure off you and your wedding guests. You can relax and enjoy your ceremony knowing the wedding musicians are experienced and sensitive for when to start and stop or even just to fill an awkward silent moment maybe during the signing of the register.


Ultimately when you look back after the event, will you remember your wedding for all right reasons or for the things that went wrong!

If you are interested in having live wedding musicians it is good to know that we are based in the Exeter area and are happy to travel longer distances while keeping travelling expenses to a minimum.

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