Engagement Rings – Old & New

Engagement rings have been used for centuries as a visual sign that a woman is betrothed to her man. The aristocracy used to hand their jewellery down the generations to keep it within the family. It was quite common therefore, for a man to give his loved one his mother’s engagement ring.

Engagement rings in Fiction and Fact
In fiction, Edward Cullen gives Isabella Swan (from the Twilight Saga – Eclipse) his late mother’s engagement ring. In the character, Edward was born in 1901 so this would have happened in his era.

In fact, HRH Prince William has given Kate Middleton his late mother’s engagement ring as a sign of his love for her and to keep the ring within the family.

New or Old Engagement Rings
It really depends on the family’s circumstances, background and the couple themselves. Some woman would love to wear a ring that has been given to them by her future husband and his family, it would make her feel more included within his family.

Other women might prefer a new ring chosen just for them by their future husband, or even chosen together as a couple. There are no hard or fast rules to follow, though it is usually best to talk about it as a couple first, so everyone is happy when the engagement is finally announced and friends and family will want to see the ring.

There are many books available to help to guide you through the engagement and marriage which can help to ease many stresses so your engagement or wedding plans can run smoothly and you can enjoy these precious moments together.

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