Drinks Reception Music

Wedding drinks receptions are an excellent way to let your guests mingle and chat to each other while you have your photographs. The atmosphere is usually a more relaxed affair after the excitement and nerves of the civil ceremony.

To help keep the mood and atmosphere light and fun why not have live musicians play during your drinks reception?

Live musicians are more accommodating as they can feel the change is what you or your guests may like to listen to. Whether it it classical, romantic, show numbers, contemporary, music from films or musicals or modern chart numbers!

Music from a CD player can only play from the one CD most of the tracks are probably not appropriate (usually tales about unrequited love or break ups!) Live musicians can keep with the theme of your wedding and keep the music remaining on a happy vibe – maybe a Beatles or Cole Porter theme? How about a mixture of songs all about loving that someone special?

This is what live musicians are experienced at doing – choosing the right songs for your the occasion and keeping the music flowing throughout so the mood remains light, happy and yet keeping in with the sense of occasion.

What musicians should you choose for your drinks reception?
It is totally your choice which musicians to book for you drinks reception. If you go through an agent, they will obviously add their percentage on so the booking price will be more expensive than if you had contacted the musicians directly through their website or advert.

How much say are you allowed when choosing the music?
Most live musicians will usually have a vast array of music to play with a large repertoire from which to choose. These musicians are usually highly experienced to know what works during a drinks reception and if requested, most experienced musicians will take time to learn one or two extra requests that are not in their repertoire if it is suited to their instruments.

Beware of inexperienced musicians who will not be prepared to learn any of your musical requests?. This shows their lack of understanding that it is your day, and ultimately it is you who are paying them to play for you and your guests at your wedding.

Is booking live musicians for your drinks reception very expensive?
The answer is, it varies. If the musicians live in your hometown and they have only to play for one and two hours, and you contact them directly, and they can quote you a fixed fee, then probably not.

If the musicians have to travel a distance to your wedding reception venue, are booked through an agency, play between two or more hours and get paid per hour, then yes, this would be more expensive.

Advice about booking live musicians to play for your drinks reception.
If you view an agent’s website and like the look or sound of the musicians you would be interested in booking, why don?t you put their name into a google search engine? This will usually take you directly to the musicians website so you could contact them directly, saving you money in the process by cutting out the agent’s fee!

Which Ensemble?
Also think of the type of musical instruments that you would enjoy hearing for an hour or two. Maybe the sound of bagpipes could be too loud for your guests to talk over during their drinks? Maybe the sound of  a singer (often with a heavy vibrato!) could wear a little thin after a while!

An excellent suggestion would be a flute and guitarist to keep the balance right. Their music would not be intrusive over the conversations, yet would be ideal for background music which is perfect for your drinks reception.

Finally remember it is your day, how do you want your special day to be remembered and talked about for all the right reasons which would make it a happy event? Why not consider booking live musicians for your wedding drinks reception, you will be pleased at the result!

Music for Drinks Reception

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