Wedding Vows For Your Ceremony

One of the most important day’s in a man or woman’s life is their wedding day. To marry the one they love.

Church or Civil Ceremony
In most Church denominations the vows are very traditional and have been handed down throughout the centuries through their wedding service books. As a Civil Ceremony has no religious content, the wedding vows are much more flexible.

Traditional or Modern Vows
Many couples today who get married in a Civil Ceremony are so nervous with all the plans and build up to their wedding, they would rather just repeat the vows to each other following the registrar’s indication.

Other wedding couples may want to write and recite their own words to each other to make the wedding day more memorable and especially more special to each other. This is quite acceptable in a Civil Ceremony.

What ideas could help me to create my own wedding vows?
There are many wedding books available which give plenty of ideas about the order of service including your wedding vows. Whatever you decide to do, remember to relax and enjoy your wedding day.

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