Civil Ceremonies – Why Have Live Music?

A Family Wedding
A few years ago we were asked to be guests at a family wedding. Although we weren’t playing at the wedding, we were excited for the couple and at the anticipation of the music they might choose, especially for the bride’s entrance.

  • Will they choose a classical piece for the bride’s entrance?
  • Will it be a contemporary piece?
  • Will it even be a piece of music from a musical or film?

When the big day arrived we were very excited to see what the bride would be wearing, the flowers she would be holding, along with her veil, shoes and jewellery.

A few years before, we had our own wedding so we could understand the nerves and excitement the bride would be going through. We were really looking forward to seeing her walk arm in arm with her Dad leading her by the arm to give her away to her soon to be husband.

It was extra special as it was the first immediate wedding in their family so expectations were high as many plans had been done secretly and so were under wraps!

At The Registry Office
It was a civil ceremony to be held at the registry office itself. Unfortunately a few days before the wedding there had been a fire. Though this had caused some distress to the family and many families of people who had yet to have their wedding there that week. However, the registrar office assured everyone there would be a CD machine there if people wanted to play their own music.

What a let-down!
The bride and father of the bride walked down the aisle with no music!

All anyone could hear was the sound of their footsteps and the squeaky floor boards! We were still waiting for the music to start up and play, thinking to ourselves, maybe someone has forgotten to press the button! Sadly no.

It was the first wedding in the immediate family so the pressure was intense, beside the fact the registrar office had a fire a few days before, no one had even thought of the music!!!

We had previously offered our services for free, but we were turned down as they didn’t want to see us work during the ceremony. They stressed that they wanted us to be their guests and to relax and enjoy the wedding.

A Sombre Ceremony
As gracious as their offer was, it really saddened us that after witnessing a relations wedding with no music, made the whole ceremony sombre. The mood was extremely quite and solemn which is quite the opposite of what a wedding should be.

For any couple getting married for the first time, your wedding day is a day to remember for hopefully all the right reasons.

Remember The Music
Music is a very important part of a wedding ceremony, and the bride’s entrance is one of the highlights.

Many registrar offices will forget to ask what music you have decided for your wedding ceremony, let alone if it’s with live musicians playing the the corner or a CD on a machine.

This is because they focus on the legalities, vows, rings, place seat settings and whether photography will or won’t be part of the ceremony. It’s their job, they’ve done this before many times.

More Information – Ask Us
When it’s the first wedding for any family, there’s no one to guide them. Though we are musicians and play at many weddings, we really do care about getting it just right – when they want us to play, what music they would like to hear and we try our best to accommodate their requirements.

If a couple who contacts us can’t decide on their music, we are happy to give advice to make their wedding a day to remember, for all the right reasons.

Always remember the music!

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